What's trending this year in marketing

What's trending this year in marketing

1. It’s no secret by now that ‘Content is the King’ in 2016
Indulging into storytelling – doing away with overly branded messages and focusing in on what makes a company or a brand relatable, human, and likable is what the key of Content Marketing lies in.

2. The buzz for video marketing has grown for several years, and it’s just round the corner now…
What does this mean for marketers? A timeless piece of advice: go where your audience is. If your audience is hooked on Periscope, find a way to personalize and humanize your brand by creating interactive content. You need to be engaging with your audience more and more on these platforms.

3. Business-Owned Communities
We are seeing the rise of niche Facebook groups, and online forums that help to unite a community around a common problem, cause, or idea. These communities are cheap to setup, often run themselves, and provide immense power and value to the business at the helm.

4. Micro Moments-probably the biggest change to happen…
Welcome to the world of Micro-Moments. These are those times when you quickly need to check your calendar, order an Uber, make an Amazon purchase, look up a place near your hotel for dinner, or research a bathroom remodel on Houzz during a break in meetings. All of these moments sit at the crossroads of intent, context, and immediacy.

5. Snapchat- This can be the single biggest impact of 2017…
SnapChat, Yes, even for your company. Sure, the messaging app is easy to dismiss right now as a channel only young (like, young young) people use. And it’s also easy to dismiss as a channel that doesn’t allow for clear, measurable acquisition or conversion. But a year or two ago, you could have said the very same things about Instagram. And I can tell you that for our company, a B2B service business in the very conservative recruitment industry, Instagram has taken a place of surprising prominence in our social strategy over the last year.